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Fred Sampson's Radio Weblog

This fellow, Fred Sampson, mentions my blog in a post. He also comments that I'm moving too slow:
"But at the rate he's going he'll never keep up."

He's right - I don't have time to listen to the ones I like and the new ones at the same time. I also don't want to review someone's first few attempts and pan them for quality while they're trying to improve (see my post about Tech Rag Tear Out), which means that one listen for the new stuff isn't good enough. And with most 'casts coming in at > 20 minutes, it'll be tough.

Luckily, I don't want to review them all; my goal is to pick a few that have promise because of content or quality and review those. While I try to keep my writing concise, I want to give enough details to have someone be able to make a judgement based on my thoughts.

I think I'm going to start making better use of the Last 100 list. We'll see how it goes.

The post that Fred's responding to mentions that someone would be well-served to have a site that rates podcasts objectively with a 5 star system. The problem with that system is that it's not objective - my review is by definition subjective, and if it's simplified to a 5-star rating them people might miss a podcast that's perfect for them based on my review (not that anyone's actually going to listen to me, but you know what I mean). However, maybe a 5-star rating would be helpful, I dunno. If anyone has any thoughts on that I'd like to hear them.

Anyway, thanks for the thoughts, Fred!


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