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Tidbit for RCA Lyra MP3 player owners

A few weeks back when I was staring to listen to a lot of RSSAudio downloads, I was interested to know if I was burning battery power with my Lyra when I had it connected to my laptop via USB. Stupidly enough, I sent RCA support an email asking about it, expecting that they'd know. After a little bit of back-and-forth (not too bad, really), they responded to say "We don't understand what you're asking, call us to get an answer to your question."

After quite literally 5 minutes of soul-draining questioning for them to be able to get me into their database (you know what I mean, what's your name, phone number, address, first child's middle name... ad nauseum - the poor fellow on the other end didn't seem to be able to get past the "My phone is unlisted" statement - it didn't fit his data structure) I finally asked my 15 second question:

"Where is my Lyra getting it's power when it's connected via USB."

The answer I got back went something like:

"It takes part of its power from the USB port and part from the battery."

That sounded like an "I don't really know, but don't want to ask" answer, but I was burned out with this at the time, so I said thanks and hung up.

It wasn't until a few days ago that it occurred to me to actually try it out for myself. So I removed the battery, plugged it into the USB port, and voila! It ran!

I still don't know if it consumes battery power if you have it plugged in and the battery in at the same time (it certainly might), but I just open the battery door when I connect it and can leave it connected for hours.


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