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IT Conversations Wiki - Main.BusinessModel

IT Conversations Wiki - Main.BusinessModel

Doug Kaye is requesting comments on models to make IT Conversations self-sustaining. If you have valuable input, please go there and give him some advice.

For myself, I hate the idea of ads in RSS content, including blogs. However, I do want Doug to be able to make a living doing what he's doing - he's obviously found something he loves to do and should be supported in his efforts. If the content is appealing enough for me I'll tolerate ads in RSS feeds of any kind. Ads have their own drawbacks from the providers side, though (like they probably aren't a viable business model yet).

As far as subscriptions go, for myself I don't like that idea at all. I listen to podcasts either on my work laptop or on a $50, 3-year old mp3 player. I can't afford a subscription, and there's no content out there that's necessary enough for me to stop feeding my cats to keep it. A micro-payment model might work for me - never tried it. That said, I still want Doug to make a living at this, and personally would rather lose the content for myself but have it still out there available and Doug making enough money to sustain himself than have it go away completely.

I say we just abolish money.


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