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What a load of hooey.

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I like Adam's podcast OK, although I wouldn't call it the best that's out there. Neither, I suspect, would Adam. But this fellow loses authority with me when he says:
"the first time I saw the Real World or Survivor – this is big idea, and they nailed it"
"Their [Howard Stern's or NPR's] content is heavily edited and only occasionally interesting."

Sure Survivor and the Real World were popular, but that doesn't make them insightful, valuable, or even good. I think many people would agree that there's more to a good TV show than its money making abilities and popularity; even many of the people that I know that watch(ed) these shows decried them at the same time.

I agree that Adam has a hand in (all right, a really big hand in) something truly huge, but he's only part of it. Podcastiing is the biggest thing since Survivor, not Adam. (Sorry Dave)


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