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Wired News: Advertisers Muscle Into RSS

Wired News: Advertisers Muscle Into RSS

OK, my initial response to this was B*LLSH*T. I accept on its face that ads in RSS are inevitable, but don't have to like it.

I was reading a little bit on Signal vs. Noise about their enthusiam for this technology (see post).

I was also seeing a little about this at Doc Searls' IT Garage, which has some pretty good comments.

I guess my view right now is that if you want to make some money from your on-line work, so be it - I don't necessarily have a problem with money making on blogs. People who stick a bunch of ads on personal blogs are a little over the top, but if you have a corporate blog, or a journalistic one (like Engadget or Gizmodo) then ads are an accepted part of getting the content. However, an RSS feed isn't the same thing as that content. The best RSS posts have me control-clicking in FireFox faster than you could say "Boo!" (were you so inclined). Then I'm at the site, see the content and the links and the other media, and the ads.

Let me put it this way. If the content you're spewing in an RSS feed isn't good enough to get me to come look at your site then you don't deserve my attention to your ads.

All of that said, I'm still ambivalent. I haven't seen any RSS feeds with ads yet, so it's a little hard for me to judge. I was going to subscribe to the Signal vs. Noise feed because it sounded interesting, but noting that they're ad-stuffing their feed led me to think again. Now I'm thinking a third time, and I think I'll try it just to see what it's like.


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