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Much better...

So, apparently, I jumped the shark on my post about the Scientific American feed (and then, yesterday, I made it even worse by refering to the "shark-jumping post" again).

See, SciAm contacted me this morning and let me in on a little secret.

 That wasn't their feed.


Seriously, though, what I linked to was the newsisfree version of the SciAm feed. I don't even know where I got that one, but the real SciAm feed is fine. It's not full text, in fact it's only headlines, but there are NO ads.

So I apologize to the Scientific American folks, and redirect my ire to the newsisfree people. Bulletin: If I have to deal with ads then the news isn't free. That is to say it might be free-as-in-beer (actually, a lot more like beer than I want my information to be), but not really free. And that's OK - it's just that I won't be listening to it from you all. Try a little harder to get the mix right, will ya?

On a separate but somewhat unrelated note, the Ars Technica feed is now back to its original state of no-adness. Still going through feedburner (and I don't recall if it was going through feedburner before I noticed the sudden onset of advertising), but my hope is that they misconfigured their feedburner feed and stuck too much commercial content in it. They certainly changed it back quickly!

So kudos to the folks at Scientific American for doing syndication (mostly) right and to the folks at Ars Technica for cleaning up their feed.

Incidentally - I've now created a feedburner feed for House of the Hanged Man at No commercial content there, either.


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