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Time for another move...

As I mentioned in a post on my deceased linkblog, I am rearranging my blog- and web-like. Part of this has to do with new and continuing frustrations with Blogger.

I have long been frustrated that Blogger doesn;t allow for categorization. In fact, that was one of the reasons why I moved the podcast reviews to The New, New Podcast Review (the other being a more professional impression). Well that frustration has led me to leave Blogger behind for this blog as well, especially when you add in the fact that I am starting to take this sort of blogging as seriously as I have the podcast reviews (although those have been lax lately). Add to that the level of frustration I had yesterday when I lost several posts due to Blogger being intermittently down.

The contents of this blog will persist, and while I am in transition I will try to post both here and at my new location, House of the Hanged Man. Please note that for now the root domain itself,, will also resolve to the blog, but that may change if several other things I have in the works come together. If that happens then there will be a more static web-page at that location, so better to use the blog address if you're looking to find the continuation of this idiocy. In addition, the new feeds available will be at RSS 2.0, RSS .92, and Atom. Since I don't have any control over the contents of the Atom feed that Blogger generates I can't redirect it to the new locations. Plus in the off-chance that any of you have a strong preference for some other format, you can now take your pick.

I will post a reminder to this effect when I finish tooling with the look of the new site, which is a WordPress blog, a new adventure for me.


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