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Dave Slusher critiques the critic

Dave Slusher actually spent part of his 'cast yesterday talking about my blog. I was floored; thanks, Dave!

One of the things Dave talked about was the name "podcasting." I was really hoping he would, and I'm really glad he did. I had a few more thoughts in response to Dave's comments:

  • Dave made a point about the origin of the name. The thing is, this medium is about the future, and as such it doesn't make much difference where the term came from, as far as I can see. I was listening to a 'cast last night (the first post of Wizards of Technology), where they even called it iPod-casting. Grr.
  • Dave also commented that he felt that much of the animosity against the term was representative of Apple-hatred. Obviously I can't speak for others (I didn't even know others had the same concerns when I voiced them), but I don't possess any Apple-hatred. I was a long-time Mac devotee up until about 8 years ago when I started working in a corporate (read: Windows) enviroment. I even learned AutoCAD on the Mac, which is saying something.
  • Dave further mentioned that he thought that the current 'casting craze was fueled by the name and the 'casting wouldn't be where it was without it. I suspect that Dave doesn't mean that in as one-sided a manner as his oral comments might suggest. There is by no means a direct causal influence, and to believe otherwise is to engage in a fallacy (Cum Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc). I don't really think Dave believes that (or even necessarily that he actually said that), but that's what I heard.
  • Finally, Dave says that "Podcasting" is the best term for the technology and that nothing will uproot it. I'm afraid he's right about that; I think it's a done deal - it's ingrained at this point and is unlikely to be changed. It doesn't help matters that none of the alternative terms are nearly as sexy as "podcasting" (I know "RSSAudio" rolls off the tounge like peanut butter). I agree that "podcasting" is a meme-itic and sexy term, positively perfect for a marketing effort. Still, it rankles me. I don't think I'm the one to come up with a term to beat "podcasting." But I still don't have to like it.

All of that said, I'll step off now. I've said my piece and I'll leave it at that.

In any case, Dave, thanks again for the plug! I appreciate it, and will strive to live up to it.


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