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More iPodder....

OK, I was wrong. iPodder does not work from behind the proxy server at my place of business. It runs through the check process, but doesn't find anything (and doesn't error out or let me know that it can't connect, either - grr.). It also doesn't allow one to select a threshold for downloads (by date or size or anything), although I may be using a slightly out-of date version and this may be fixed. I'll save any further feature/bug rants until after I verify this.

On another note, some of the Daily Source Code and Trade Secrets audio casts aren't downloading successfully. I spent most of the day yesterday with my laptop connected to my company's open and unproxied wireless connection trying to catch up my downloads to little avail, and then again last night - there seem to be about 15
downloads that aren't coming down, and since these all take a while to download that's a little frustrating.

I wonder if anyone else is as annoyed at the label "podcasting" as I am? What better term might there be for this?


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