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New Linux Distro

Well, not really new, but new to me. It's called Ubuntu and it looks intriguing. They've got an awful lot of nice sentiments and philosophies on their website, and it looks like it's packaged pretty slickly.

It's based on Debian, which is what my current Linux server is running. Of course, I haven't even had that machine on in more than a month, so it's obviously not very critical to my day-to-day computing needs. I've been talking with a friend who has suggested that I try Mandrake, which I may do. Since I've put some Ubuntu disks on request (they ship them for free!) and since the Ubuntu shipment won't be until after the next stable release around the end of the month, I may have time to do both.

One thing I found interesting was the quote:
"...we do not see free and open source software as either distinct or incompatible."

I agree that it needn't be incompatible, but think that the philosophies of the two organizations (both of which Ubuntu referenced) are certainly distinct. They also have the interesting idea of offering bouties (like a stipend) for certain open source development tasks.


At 10:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The default Ubuntu distro doesn't include any mpeg encoder or decoder software. It can encode and decode Ogg Vorbis files.. which the iPod can't play (but are smaller and better than mp3's). It supports WAV files which are a killer in terms of bandwidth and storage.

I'm an Ubuntu user and I'm interested in this whole business of podcasting. Let me know what you think of it if you check it out.


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