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Podcast Review: The Dragon Page Live Fire Show

Format: Talk
Content: Sci-Fi talk, commentary, and reviews
Rating: 4 Stars
What I'm going to do: subscribe
Typical Length: varies; 40 - 50 minutes

This is a podcast of a weekly radio show out of KFYI in Phoenix.

The hosts, Michael Mennenga and Evo Terra, have a good routine down; their interaction is smooth and witty, and they know a lot about where science fiction istoday; way more than I know, that's for sure.

Since this is a re-cast of a publicly broadcast radio show, I think you can expect the content to be work-safe, and you can certainly expect professional level production quality.

The only drawback that I see to this podcast is that listeners to the podcast don't seem to have any way to interact with the hosts. In fact, it's not necessarily that interesting to listen to a radio show call in that happened some time in the past. The positive side of this is that some of the podcasts have been editted to drop some of the commercials, so we don't have to sit through all of that.

The shows often have interviews with some science fiction luminaries (e.g. Terry Brooks and Nancy Kress in one show) and their conversation deals not just with the science fiction world, but also on the regions where science fiction impinges on today's culture.

Subscribe to mp3. Their webpage has a lot more information about sci fi as well.


At 5:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. We appreciate the 4-star rating. Now we can start charging more for rooms and hire a bellman!

BTW... your Nancy and Terry links don't have the http:// in front of them. Oops!

Keep up the ratings. Good to know SOMEONE is trying to listen to all this stuff!

The Dragon Page


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