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RSSAudio Review: Evil Genius Chronicles

Format: talk, with some music
Content: podcasting (mostly, for right now)
Rating: subscribe

Dave Slusher, at Evil Genius Chronicles talks about podcasting. A lot. Just ask Russell Beattie. And that's OK. Just ask Dave.

Seriously though, I''m not here to give Dave a hard time about talking about podcasting a lot. It's his feed, and as he rightly says, if you don't like it - unsubscribe.

What I do want to talk about is the high quality of Dave's RSSAudio feed. Dave's one of the grandfathers of the new audio broadcasting movement - having been posting audio feeds since at least late September, 2004, [editorial comment: Dave tells me his first audio post was on August 20th, almost 2 months ago. That makes his one of the very first in this wave, along with Dave Winer's post starting in June] which in this technology is a very long time. He's been mentioned in public forums by Steve Gillmor and Robert Scoble and the like, and with good reason.

Dave's feed is well produced and interesting. He's personable and has an easy manner of speaking, with few hesitations; he's obviously either a great extemporaneous speaker or he's got a script to work from. He's also often very funny and self-deprecating, and is insightful to boot. He has a lot to say about the technology and culture of RSSAudio feeds. His posts are also well edited, and he integrates audio of other things he's heard (IT Conversations in particular) and music into his shows quite well.

I'm sure this 'cast, with it's rich and varied talk about 'casting and the technology behind it, is a great inspiration to new RSSAudio creators, and Dave's willing to help new creators set up their system to enable creating their feeds. He wants to help people, as he says, "eat his lunch." I don't want to eat your lunch, Dave, unless it's a nice grilled cheese with bacon on rye, then I'll take it. What I do want is for Dave to keep producing, so we can keep listening.

Dave's posts usually run around 30 minutes. You can subscribe to the Evil Genius Chronicles RSSAudio feed as mp3s or bittorrent.


At 7:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. It was very fair on both the positives and the negatives.

Just one point of clarification, my first audio post was on August 20. In the terms of this shockwave, that's ages and ages.


At 7:54 AM, Blogger kinrowan said...

Thanks, Dave; corrected as noted (and suggested a template change to me as well; thanks for that).


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