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MSNBC - Specter gains crucial support to head panel

MSNBC - Specter gains crucial support to head panel

OK, some of this stuff sounds disastrous.

It's meaningless to have a moderate Republican in the chairship of the Judicial committee if everything he says (and possibly does) is scripted by the party - in much the same way that the very democratic / republican idelas this country was founded on are quashed by the power of two entrenched political machines - and that's what they are, machines.

So Mr. Specter is willing to move "...nominees [to] quick committee hearings and early committee votes" and has " reason to believe that I’ll be unable to support any individual President Bush finds worthy." What happened to the idea that we should talk about these folks before they start ajudicating our laws?

Not only that, but Specter declaimed his potential support for changing Senate filibuster rules to only needing a simple majority to break a filibuster. This puts an overwhelming amount of power in the hands of the currently most powerful political party (whichever one it is) - too much power for any of these idiots to be trusted with. I wouldn't even trust my fav, Senator Feingold from Wisconsin, to hold that kind of power. And here's what I see as the next step. In 4 years the Dems will control the Senate and somehow the Republicans will "reconsider" these rules, and convince some well-meaning Democrats to change the rules back.

Bill Frist (who is a prime moving force behind some of the reactionary principles being followed by the current majority) is a megalomaniac. I wonder whether he took the Hippocratic oath in Medical School. If he did, what version? Was it one that states "Above All, Do No Harm"? Or what about

"My professional judgement will be exercised as independently as possible and not be influenced by political pressures nor by factors such as the social standing of the patient. I will not put personal profit or advancement above my duty to patients." [ from The Modern Oath of Hippocrates, Appendix I, para 3 ]

Regardless, he has forsaken it.

In all honesty, I hope Mr. Specter can hold on to some of his individuality and that his presence on the committee will serve as a moderating influence.


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