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Ars Technica - powered by FeedBurner

Ars Technica - powered by FeedBurner: " Ars Technica"

OK, maybe I'm wrong, but it suddenly seems that the Ars Technica feed has become overly ad-infested.

I've said it here before (recently) that I'm fine with text ads in my RSS feeds, but when they start getting in the way of the content then I start to have a problem. I blogged about this in my last post with respect to the Scientific America feed. Tis is another another example of a feed that took me to the web-site quite often for interesting content, but has (in my mind) substantially not gotten the advertising-in-rss mixture right. It's amazing how a little-bitty url:

little-bitty url in feed

changes into a big, ugly, ad:

big, ugly ad in bloglines

It's even worse than that, because I can deal with big, ugly ads. But Ars Tech has them on 80%+ of it's posts. And it gets even worse (if you can believe that). They're crappy ads from places like "My Cash Now" and "Compare Mortgage Offers". I mean come on - these are the folks who are spamming my email inbox! Next thing I'll be seeing ads for Vic0din here.

The folks at Ars Technica should know better. If they can't control the content of density of the ads placed in their feed then they need to find someone other than FeedBurner to put the ads there.

Please folks, figure this stuff out. Rocket science it ain't.


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