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Bait and switch

Well if this isn't a nice little bit of underhanded marketing tactics I don't know what is.

The folks at PodKeywords were at one point providing a potentially nice service of providing sub-domains to that would reference your site or feed. Many early podcasters made use of it (Eric Rice, Matthew Bischoff, Geek News Central, and others). Whether it had any adoption is open to debate.

Regardless of how useful or well-used it ever was, the point is now moot. It appears that every sub-domain of now points to Golden Hawk Technology. Even ones that I suspect were never registered (like http://f* resolve to the Golden Hawk Technology webpage.

You know, I really don;t care that they stopped providing the keyword service, but to use this kind of bait-and-switch tactic is underhanded and dishonest. Even if I were in the market for the sort of software they're providing I'd certainly not be buying it here.

It is, of course, conceivable that this fellow marchon has been hacked. If that's so I'll happily apologize and retrack my statements about the podkeywords page (although certainly not about Golden Hawk Technologies).


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